Pregnant & Traveling? Safe Travel Tips During Pregnancy

Many first time mothers are likely to have qualms when traveling during pregnancy. While taking extra precautions and proper planning, going on a road trip or boarding an airplane is a completely safe activity. You just need to prepare and plan for any unexpected occurrences that may pop up. Whether it’s a planned or an emergency trip, take note of these few pointers to help you travel safely and with less stress.1. Check with your doctor – You need to inform your doctor of your travel plans so that he or she can tell you if you are safe or unsafe for travel. High-risk pregnancies need extra care. Your doctor can also inform you if you have any upcoming tests which you need to work around if you plan on going on a trip.2. Schedule your trip – If you are going on a planned trip, it’s better to have it during your second trimester. The most common pregnancy-related emergencies usually occur in the first and third trimester. Air travel is safe up to 34 weeks of pregnancy but airline rules may vary so check it out.3. Gather your medical records – Prepare all your vital health information, medical records and your doctor’s contact information. Bring along a copy of your prenatal chart. Have these with you at all times during the trip.4. Prepare your medications – Make sure that you have an adequate supply of any prescription medicines, prenatal vitamins, and other medications that you need. Also, locate the nearest hospital closest to your destination. One more thing, it’s generally safe to take anti-nausea pills if you have travel sickness but it’s safer to check with your doctor first.5. Stick to less physically stressing activities – Pregnancy can affect your balance and coordination so that it is not recommended to try out new physical activities when you are pregnant. Pass up on a swim in the ocean since it can increase the risk of contacting vaginal or womb infections.Being pregnant does not limit your capacity to travel except in the last week or month wherein you will be recommended not to travel and this period in your pregnancy is one of the most high-risk. Nonetheless, while you are still willing and able to take a short break, remember these safe travel tips during pregnancy as these tips will help to keep you and your baby safe.Enjoy your travels!

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