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How to Begin Working From Home

Working from home can be an incredible change, especially for a person who has had a traditional type of office job. When you change your principal work location, you will find that your motivation will be seriously compromised, you will have to commit to being a very dedicated individual. You can work in your underwear, if you so desire, but I don’t suggest it. When you become self-employed, you should maintain a disciplined routine, such as eating breakfast, and showering and dressing for the day’s work activities.Setup a room where you can concentrate on your business, whether you are going to work part-time, or full time, on this endeavor. Look into the correct occupational license, for you business, so you can take the home office deduction, you can deduct the cost of power, telephone, DSL, and any computers, fax machines, copiers, and printers, which you may need to get your company going. You are also going to have to talk, to family members, to give you enough space, to work efficiently. You have to remember that this is a whole new lifestyle for you, and it’s going to be a little tough to get used to. After a while, you will find that you will get really motivated, you will start working 12-14 hours a day and your discipline will be completely destroyed. Sometimes, this is for the better. You will be sleeping odd hours and eating at different times, occasionally on the run.Don’t forget to setup your online business in a way that you can have a stress free space, which is quiet, and where you can conduct business easily. Remember to get a business phone line, a business listing in the phone book, if you want to be found or create a Facebook page. This isn’t a brick and mortar business so the expenses and rules are different, you can’t have clients come to your house, you can’t do anything but office type of work, if you do and the city or county finds out, that it’s not on your occupational license, you may get shut down, or fined. Do everything legally, get a lawyer, form a corporation, if necessary.Remember to take care of yourself, allow time for exercise, relaxation and proper diet. Many of us that work from home have had to learn about how to keep fit. If you want, you can involve other family members and establish a well-rounded family business. Plan for emergencies, have back-ups in place and look to what may happen, then put some funds aside for the “just in case.” Also expect to not make any money for at least 2 years, or work part-time from home, while keeping your full time job. Then when you start to make enough money, you can kiss the old job good-bye, and run with your dream.